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Marble shaped palette

Marble shaped palette

Ceramic palette, approx. size 9X21X1cm

Earthy white clay. 

Shape and finish may vary.

All orders will be shipped as a package with a tracking number.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


 Brush holder 1X4X1cm

 "Essee" Earth&Essence, 1 Genuine soil, limited edition Honey watercolour. 

Safe, non-toxic, nature friendly, handmade.


From Tierras Ibericas aquarelle set.

1. Ocra natural

2. Sombra verde

3. Cassel maron

4. Nero di Roma

5. Terra Amarillo (Yellow Earth)

6. Siena Burnt


All paints comes packaged separately with the sample paint on the paper.


Finest quality, artist grade aquarelle, handcrafted

Intense, transparent, vibrant, deep colours.


Soil water paints ingredients:

Distilled water

Acacia gum



Clove essence

Earth's pigments


I find the connection with the nature true the materials, that I use for my artworks. The connection is deep and powerful. 

It gives to the painting different vibrations. The paint is vibrant because of the tiny crystal peaces inside the pigment. Those crystals reflects the light showing all spectral diversity. It gives the the sense of movement. The painting seems “alive”.


To be an artist is to believe in life. Joan Miro

Joan Miro i Ferrà was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona.


Crafted and packaged by artists, distributed by Artduce Association. 

Instagram @essee.colors  


Soil palettes and water bowls.

The material itself is safe, resistant to moisture and heat. The glaze is coated expressively, allowing the process to be completed in the flames of the oven, where matter as it meets us is born. 


Patterns what never repeats.

In our creative work at Essee, we have deliberately chosen the direction shown by our ceramic palettes and other forms of soil material. They represent the primordial simplicity and beauty of the unpredictable moment of creation that exemplifies dialogue with its user. 


Enjoying the journey together.

The shipment origin countries can vary.  

Italy, Latvia, Spain.


We are searching for pure resources, natural products are collected form the Northern Baltic beekeepers. 


The soil pigments are gathered all around the Europe. Few months in the year working from Italy, Sicily or Veneto, where our main sources of soil materials are found.

Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


We ship worldwide, making every effort to ensure that shipments reach the address safely and on time. All orders will be shipped with a tracking number. If the package does not reach the address due to unforeseen reasons, it is searched. We are not responsible for lost packages, but we always try to find a solution so that the customer is satisfied with our service.

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