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Ancient mastery in a new essay

Essee - an essay in the form of paint.


The soil and essences of north and south amalgamated with knowledge of arts and crafts inherited by mankind over thousands of years.


Essee colors are handmade according to adapted classic recipes. 


The earth colors we create are gentle on nature and human health. The basis of all our products is made from acacia resin, organic honey, glycerin and spring water.


Artist grade, very finely pigmented, creamy and easily brought to life at the slightest contact with water.


Each color is tested for lightfastness and consistency in appropriate laboratories before we include it in our list. 


The pigments are of European origin, along with some known to be original products of South America and Southeast Asia. For example, Maya Indigo.


We obtain our pigments from safe, proven sources, collaborating with a restoration organization located in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland and India.


Some pigments naturally contain toxic substances. For example, arsenic, mercury, chromium or other iron oxides.

It is important to be aware of the color base and whether it contains natural preservatives or synthetic ones that can cause allergies. We gently remind you that natural bee products, essences and oils can also be allergens. Everything is subordinate to the right balance and appropriate use.


We wish you success in all the creative processes you are involved in.

Your Essee 


Natural pigments

Handcrafted paints

Art supplies


The Essee Earth & Essence natural watercolor workshop and handmade art materials

moves to Piedmont, Italy from September 2023.

It will be included in the artistic activities and managed by the headquarters of the Art Essee association.

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