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Arts and Crafts  watercolors

Arts and Crafts watercolors

We kindly ask you to allow 5-7 days for pre-ordered colors and pigments to be prepared if this is indicated in the title. We regularly submit orders for dispatch within 1-3 days. 

 12 Arts & Crafts Homage to William Morris, Hardwood palette.

Ancient Pigments aquarelle set, 12 1/2 pans in the hardwood palette

"Essee" Earth&Essence. Natural watercolours. Safe, non-toxic, nature friendly, handmade.

12 Genuine soils, minerals and new shades 


See the current list of watercolors available in the set

12 Arts & Crafts


1. Zinc White PW4

2. Verde Alemana PG23 

3. Raw Titan PW6:1

4. Flat Peach PY37+PR146

5. Ocra Avana PY43 (Havana Ocher)

6. Olive dark PY42+pigments

7. Red grape PR112 +pigmnets

8. Classic Velvet PW32+pigments

9. Uva Passa PBk8+pigments

10. Cassel PBr7

11. Lunar Black PBk11

12. Paris Grey PW6:2


Finest quality, artist grade aquarelle, handcrafted

Intense, transparent, vibrant, deep colours.


Soil water paints ingredients:

Distilled water

Acacia gum



Clove essence

Earth's pigments


Ash wood pallets with a lid, waxed with a Bio wax product. It is easy to care for, waterproof.

There are built-in magnets.

Ash wood pallet includes 12 x 1/2 pans.


Dimensions of closed box are 8,5in X 2,5in X1,1in (21,5cmx6,8cmX3cm) 



5 vital Elements

Palette - wood

Watercolor - water 

Process of draining the paint- air

Warm shades of paints - fire 

Soil paint - earth

Creation - space

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