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Ash wood palette

Ash wood palette

Ash wood travel palette with magnets for Plain-air painting. 

Toned wax coating.

(Complimentary free shipping Europe) 

Brush is not included. Pictured is a removable weasel hair (non-vegan) watercolor brush. 

Please leave a note if you want to add a detachable brush or any other paint brush to your order, we will share the link.

For now, vegan brushes are by pre-order only.

Waxed Ash wood palette for 12 watercolour  1/2 pans . Suitable also for liquid watercolours from tubes.

Easy maintainable, palette and mixing part (the same as entire palette) is waxed with natural beeswax.

Paint can be mixed directly on the wooden surface, it doesn't leave any marks after cleaning. 

Safe to wash with water and soap. 


Earth, water, fire, air and space are elemental energies inside each of us. When they are aligned life is easier.

Much healing can be found by acknowledging the elements and recognising how much we are in touch or out of connection with these fundamental energies.


I find the connection with the nature true the materials, that I use for my artworks. The connection is deep and powerful. 

It gives to the painting different vibrations. 


5 vital Elements

Palette - wood

Watercolor - water 

Process of draining the paint- air

Warm shades of paints - fire 

Soil paint - earth

Creation - space


Please find handmade watercolours in 1/2 pans in another listing ( Make your set)

Finest quality, artist grade watercolors.


Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


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