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Burnt Siena PR102

Burnt Siena PR102

SKU: 005P003

Burnt Siena PR102. Ancient Earth pigments, origins Italy.

Coverage: good

50g packaged in impregnated paper bag or in aluminium jar. 

Fine grinded pigment, artist quality. Heated Siena creates red tonality known as Burnt Siena, Siena Tosta 🇪🇸 or Siena Bruciata 🇮🇹 

Standard mailing included. 


    All Essee Earth & Essence pigmentas are natural minerals (inorganic) or plant based, man made (organic), non-toxic. Obtained in collaboration with the Restaurateurs Organisation CTS

    We use nature's products and essences such as Acacia gum, Honey, Glycerin, Linen oil, Poppy oil, Walnut oil Clove essence, Lavender essence to create Essee natural watercolor, tempera, oil paints hanmade by artists. See other the list of colors.

    Finest quality for artist-grade paints.

    The intense, transparent, vibrant, deep color of the paint. 

    Handmade and packaged by artists, distributed by Artduce Association.

    Instagram @essee.official


    We are ready to negotiate every single case with our costumers directly. We will take responsibility if you receive damaged product. It will be replaced. We do not accept returns for other reasons.


    Standart shipping.

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