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Color making Set

Color making Set

Thirty-six powdered Pigments. Genuine soils, minerals and new shades.

36X 1/2oz (15g) 


The Color making Set in laminated paper tea bags: 

36 pigments

2 palette knives

crystal muller 3 cm

Acacia resin 50 g

Clove Essential oil 2 ml

Natural Honey 30ml

color sampling papers to fill in

digital Color making guide in .pdf format


Complimentary - ceramic or hardwood pallete


From these pigments one can give life to colors that maintain their richness and intensity both when applied in lighter and more opaque layers. Every one of the shades in the photos is available. Safe, nature friendly and non-toxic.


36 Earth and handmade pigments


1. Capri blue PB29

2. Ultramarine Blue PB29

3. Prussia blue / Berlin blue PB27

4. Maya Indigo PB60

5. Monastral Intense blue PB15:1

6. Teal / Blue Lagoon PB15:3

7. Emerald / Esmeralda PG7

8. Blu Ercolano PB15

9. Violet Ultramarine PV15

10. Bordeaux PV32

11. Carmine pure PR146

12. Yellow Lemon PY3

13. Rose Madder Lake dark PR112+PR12

14. Rose Madder Lake light PR112

15. Rosso Verona PR102

16. Almagre / Sanguine PR102

17. Rojo oxido / Iron oxide red PR101

18. Raw Titan PW6:1

19. Siena natural PY42

20. Ocra natural PY43

21. Ocra Gialla PY43

22. Terra Gialla / Yellow Earth PY43

23. Amarillo fuego / Yellow warm PY37+PW18

24. Naples Yellow PY53

25. Sombra Tostada / Burnt Umber PBR7  

26. Sombra / Raw Umber PBR8 

27. Verde cromo / Viridian Spring green PG17

28. Terra Nicosia PG23

29. Terra Verde / Green Earth PG23

30. Marble White / Carrara White PW18

31. Titan gris oscuro / Paris Gray PW6:2

32. Titanium White PW6

33. Negro de Humo / Lamp Black PBk6

34. Marrone Seppia / Sepia Brown

35. Pizarra Negra / Slate Black PBk18

36. Mint green PY74 +PG7


Finest quality, artist grade aquarelle, handcrafted

Rich, translucent and intense colors


Soil water paint ingredients:

Distilled water

Acacia gum



Clove essence

Earth pigments


Water, earth, the painting comes alive. 

The liveliness of the color derives from tiny crystal particles contained in the pigment. When exposed to light, it reflects back, opening up the spectral versatility of each color and giving it a sense of movement.


Soil palettes and water bowls.

The material of the ceramic palettes and bowls is safe, resistant to moisture and heat. The ceramic is coated with glaze generously, permitting the process to complete in the flames of the kiln.


Patterns that never repeat.

In our creative work at Essee, we have deliberately chosen the direction shown by our ceramic palettes and other forms of soil material. They represent the primordial simplicity and beauty of the unpredictable moment of creation.


To be an artist is to believe in life. Joan Miro

Joan Miro i Ferrà was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona.


Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


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