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Haiku palette

Haiku palette

12 Haiku palette


1. Raw Titanium

2. Dirty Yellow

3. Raw Siena

4. Cold Forest

5. Cassel

6. Sombra Chipre

7. Terra Verde

8. Potter’s Pink

9. Sombra Tostada

10. Sombra d’Oro

11. Fossil Grey

12. Nero Vite


The set is designed for painting on Shikishi,

Handcrafted Japanese style Art Calligraphy Boards.

Inspiration: Yosa Buson "Lighting One Candle"

The light of  a candle is transferred to another candle.


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Haiku Board 6X26X0,3cm. White with gilt edge for Essee watercolours.

Handmade watercolour art board.

Art quality watercolour paper mounted on cardboard.

Shikishi are Japanese Art Calligraphy Boards made from fine handmade art paper laminated to a hard board backing.  They are edged with a strip of gold paper or Mica Gold paint and are traditionally used for Sumi or shikishi painting, haiku, calligraphy, and watercolors. 


Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


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