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Moons & Moods

Moons & Moods

Moons & Moods set in 6 x 1/2 pans, 1 in an aluminum jar.

...The Moon never asked for a rainbow colored cloak. She knew her own light was prettier than any other rainbow.

Aesop, The Moon and Her Mother


Moons & Moods

Illustrator Tijana Lukovics combined  7 layered watercolors that granulate excellently.



1. New Moon

2. Lunar Eclipse

3. Shadow work

4. Healing

5. Wild

6. Intuitive 

7. Full Moon


Finest quality, artist grade aquarelle, handcrafted

Rich, translucent and intense colors


Soil water paint ingredients:

Distilled water

Acacia gum



Clove essence

Earth pigments


Water, earth, the painting comes alive. 

The liveliness of the color derives from tiny crystal particles contained in the pigment. When exposed to light, it reflects back, opening up the spectral versatility of each color and giving it a sense of movement.



If you like, you can read the fable below.


The Moon and Her Mother

Aesop's Fable. 

One night, the Moon was shining quietly in the sky. From high above, she suddenly started noticing that the people on Earth looked very colorful and different from each other. She realized that this was because they all wore beautiful clothes!

She thought, ‘O, I wish I could also have a nice cloak made from the colors of the rainbow!’

As morning drew near, the Sun came up. It was time for the Moon to sleep. But, she went to her Mother and said, “Dear Mother, people look beautiful in colorful clothes. How I wish to have a colorful cloak for myself, too! Will you please make one for me?”

The Moon’s Mother smiled at her and said, “My dear child, I would love to make a cloak for you but how can I do so? Right now you have a new body but soon you will start increasing in size and finally, become bigger. Because of your changing size, you will not fit into anything I make for you.”


The Moon, sadly, agreed with her Mother. She, then, went to bed till the arrival of night.

But eventually she came to realize her own beauty. After that day The Moon never asked for a rainbow coloured cloak. She knew her own light was prettier than any other rainbow.



Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


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