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Terra Verde PG23

Terra Verde PG23

SKU: 005P0012

Terra Verde pigment PG23 


Pigment type: Natural mineral inorganic pigment

Composition: Ferrous and ferric silicates of potassium manganese and aluminum plus oxides Fe, Mg, Al, K

Coverage: transparent

Origin: Verona, Tyrol, Poland, Hungary, France and Cyprus

50 g packaged in a glass jar or aluminum jar.

Fine ground pigment, artist grade quality. 


Terra verde / Green earth creates a transparent, light green tonality paint. 


This pigment was already being used in the prehistoric times, a lot in the classical age and during the Renaissance.

Medieval Italian painters used Green earth for underpainting middle and shadow flesh tones.


Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


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    All Essee Earth & Essence pigmentas are natural minerals (inorganic) or plant based, man made (organic), non-toxic. Obtained in collaboration with the Restaurateurs Organisation CTS

    We use nature's products and essences such as Acacia gum, Honey, Glycerin, Linen oil, Poppy oil, Walnut oil Clove essence, Lavender essence to create Essee natural watercolor, tempera, oil paints hanmade by artists. See other the list of colors.

    Finest quality for artist-grade paints.

    The intense, transparent, vibrant, deep color of the paint. 

    Handmade and packaged by artists, distributed by Artduce Association.

    Instagram @essee.official


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