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Torino 48 Honey watercolors

Torino 48 Honey watercolors

The Second edition of 48 Honey watercolors includes genuine rocks, soils, minerals and man-made pigments various new shades not included in our first set.

Torino 48 has been realized by your repeated requests.

Forty-eight 1/2 pans in a Professional box with a brush, in an Ash wood boxes or in a Free Eco boxes.



  1. Uva Passa
  2. Red Grape
  3. Poters Pink
  4. Classic Velvet 
  5. Burgundy Manganese
  6. Opera Rose Magenta
  7. Mauve 
  8. Garnet 
  9. Coral
  10. Mandarin Orange
  11. Terra Arancio
  12. Arancio Ercolano
  13. Vermilione
  14. Scarlet red
  15. Verde Paolo Veronese
  16. Verde Foresta
  17. Verde Vagone
  18. Lime Green
  19. Olive green 
  20. Sap green
  21. Terra Antica
  22. Verde Nicosia
  23. Mica Alemana
  24. Genuine Malachite
  25. Genuine Lapis Lazuli
  26. Cerulean Sky blue
  27. Kings Blue
  28. Monastral blue dark
  29. Berlin Blue
  30. Teal blue lagoon
  31. Giallo Cromo Oro
  32. Limonite
  33. Desert Ocra
  34. Terra Monte Amiata
  35. Infuocato 
  36. Magrherita
  37. Dirty Yellow
  38. Rose Skin 
  39. Marone Seppia
  40. Sombra Cipro
  41. Sombra Cipro Buciata
  42. Morellone Caput Mortum
  43. Cassel
  44. Graphite grey
  45. Nero Vite
  46. Atramentum Ink black
  47. Luna Argenta
  48. Bianco Zinco


Distilled water

Acacia gum



Thyme  essence


It is important for me to feel connected to the earth through the material I work with during my artistic process. A rich color made by hand from raw pigment fulfills that.


Water, earth, the painting comes alive. 

The liveliness of the color derives from tiny crystal particles contained in the pigment. When exposed to light, it reflects back, opening up the spectral versatility of each color and giving it a sense of movement.


Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


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