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Colour library

Colour library

Color Library

Handmade natural honey watercolors in 1/2 pans.

All shades in the list correspond to the numbers in the selection list.


You are the beloved child of this universe, so live as if everything is yours. Every morning the sun is rising for you. The rays of light are kissing you, birds are singing for you, flowers are dancing for you, and everything belongs to you.

Debasish Mridha


See our growing library of colors below.

You are welcome to choose any packaging option with or without a brush, large or small, depending on the number of colors selected.


Packaging is included in the list “Color library” (no.100 - 105)

Free packaging option: cardboard Design box


Color Library


1. Capri blue PB29

2. Ultramarine blue PB29

3. Indigo India blue PB60

4. Maya Indigo Royal PB60

5. Maya Indigo Clay PB60+PY43

6. Maya Indigo Azul Verde PB60+PY43

7. Turquoise blue PB15:3+PY7

8. Blu Ercolano PB15

9. Violet Ultramarine PV15

10. Bordeaux PV32

11. Carmine pure PR146

12. Rubi / Royal red PR48:4

13. Rose Madder Lake dark PR112+PR12

14. Rose Madder Lake light PR112

15. Rosso Venezia PR101

16. Almagre / Sanguine PR102

17. Rojo oxido / Iron oxide Mars red PR101

18. Olive green PY43+PBK6

19. Siena natural PY42

20. Ocra natural PY43

21. Ocra Gialla PY43

22. Terra Gialla PY43

23. Amarillo Fuego / Yellow warm PY37+PW18

24. Naples Yellow PY53

25. Sombra Tostada / Dark Chocolate brown earth PBr7

26. Sombra / Swamp Green earth PBr8

27. Verde Cromo / Viridian Spring green PG17

28. Terra Nicosia / Eucalyptus Green earth PG23+PG7

29. Terra Verde / Green earth PG23

30. Emerald PG7

31. Verde Ultramarino PB29+PG7

32. Northern Lights PY43+PY3+PG7

33. Yellow Lemon PY3

34. Mica Oro / Gold Mica PW20

35. Mica Sombra d’Oro PW20+PBR7

36. Flat Peach PR146+PY37+PW6

37. Rocky Mount Juniper PR146+PB29+p

38. Cold Forest PB29+PG7+p

39. Nero Vite PBk8

40. Negro Humo / Lamp Black PBk6

41. Negro Pizarra / Slate Black PBk18

42. Negro Marfil / Bone Black PBk9

43. Raw Titan PW6:1

44. Titan Gris / Fossil PW6:2

45. Titan Gris oscuro / Paris gray PW6:2

46. Marble White PW18

47. Titanium White PW6

48. Mica Pearlescent PW20

49. Lunar Black PBk11

50. Morellone / Caput Mortuum PR101

51. Opera Rose PR122

52. Burgundy PV16

53. Garnet PV19

54. Vermilion PO20

55. Mandarin Orange PO20

56. Malachite PY7+PY3+Marble PW18

57. Sap green PY8

58. Mint green PY74 +PG7

59. Lime green PG7+PY1

60. Lemon yellow PY3

61. Mica Pearl Alemana green PW20+PG23

62. Sky Blue Cerulean PB35

63. Monastral intense blue PB15:1

64. Cobalt blue PB28

65. Cerulean / Sky blue PB35

66. Teal / Blue Lagoon PB15:3

67. Cinnabar red PR170

68. Silver white Mica PBk7

69. Classic Velvet PV32+PB15:3+PY37+PW18

70. Red Grape PR112+PR12+PBk6

71. Nero Roma PBk6

72. Blanco España PW18:1

73. Zinc White PW4

74. Siena Tostada PR102

75. Terra Arancia / Orange earth PR102

76. Havana Ochre PY43

77. Rosso Verona PR102

78. Verde Alemana PG23

79. Potter's Pink PR233

80. Verdigris N/A

81. King’s blue PB29+PW6

82. Coral PY53+PR146

83. Dirty Yellow PW6:1+PY37

84. Cassel PBr7

85. Uva Passa PR112+PR12+PBk8 

86. Graphite gray PBk10

87. Graphite black PBk10

88. Mica Antique Silver PW20

89. Luna Argenta PW20+PBk11



100. Empty 12 watercolor professional box - brush not included

101. Empty aluminum box for 6 watercolors

102. Empty aluminum box for 12-14 watercolors

103. Empty 24 watercolor professional box - brush not included

104. Empty 48 watercolor professional box - brush not included

105. Empty 12 watercolor Ash Wood Travel Palette with a lid - brush not included


Finest quality, artist grade aquarelle, handcrafted

Rich, translucent and intense colors


Soil water paint ingredients:

Distilled water

Acacia gum



Clove essence

Earth pigments


Crafted by Paterno studio 

Instagram @essee.colors


We ship worldwide, making every effort to ensure that shipments reach the address safely and on time. All orders will be shipped with a tracking number. If the package does not reach the address due to unforeseen reasons, it is searched. We are not responsible for lost packages, but we always try to find a solution so that the customer is satisfied with our service.


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